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11 Non-Traditional Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquets
Wedding Bouquets

​Most brides feel that their big day would not be complete without a bouquet. After all, she needs something to toss for the next woman to be wed to catch, right? Still, many couples are stepping away from traditional live flower bouquets and looking for alternatives. Real flowers aren’t right for everyone–hello, allergies!–but there is no reason to ditch the bouquet altogether.
From paper to pop cans, there are plenty of ways to make faux-quets that are unique and just as stunning as the real thing. Here are just a few of our favorite non-traditional wedding bouquets. 

Faux Flowers

Let’s start with the most obvious choice. If you want the look of flowers but you can’t (or don’t want to) have real flowers, silk flowers are a simple alternative. In the past, fake flowers looked, well, fake. But if you head to a craft store today, you will find stunning silk blooms that are just as beautiful as the real ones. Going this route means you can craft your bouquet well in advance and keep it for years to come. Faux flowers are easy to work with, so this is a project that any crafty bride can tackle on her own.


If you want to have real live plants in your bouquet but want to break away from the traditional roses and carnations, make a bouquet out of succulents. They come in several colors, shapes and sizes, so finding ones that match your colors and theme is easy. When assembling your bouquet, use wire and floral tape to create “stems” for your succulents. Be careful not to damage the roots! After your big day, you can disassemble your bouquet and replant your succulents in dirt to create a terrarium that will serve as a living reminder of your special day for years to come.


Obviously, you can’t make a bridal bouquet using real butterflies, but you can make one using floral butterflies! They come in wires, which makes them easy to arrange in bouquets, and they are available in a rainbow of colors. Create a bouquet using only floral butterflies or add them to a bouquet with flowers. Whichever option you choose, using floral butterflies to make a wedding bouquet is a quick and easy project.


Add a touch of glam to your wedding day by adding pearls to your bouquet. Use freshwater pearl beads to create a dazzling cascade to carry on your wedding day or make sprays to place with your flowers instead of the traditional baby’s breath. If you are trying to come up with the perfect “something blue” for your big day, try incorporating blue freshwater pearl beads into your bouquet. When you’ve finished your bouquet, use your pearl beads to create one-of-a-kind jewelry for your wedding, too!


There are a few different ways to use paper to create beautiful and unique wedding flowers. One option is folding printed paper into flowers. You can also use plain paper and embellish it using paint, glitter, gemstones, lace, etc. All types of flowers can be made from paper. From simple daisies to amazingly lifelike roses, the options are endless.


Are you planning on saying “I do” on a tropical beach? Or maybe you’re saying your vows on the shores of a local lake? If you are getting married near water (or even if you are just having a nautical theme), a seashell bouquet is a unique option. Walk along the shore with your significant other and collect shells, or pick some up from your local craft store. You can also add accents like a starfish or sand dollar to really make your bouquet pop!


Rustic weddings are huge right now. If you want your rustic theme to extend to your bouquet, use burlap to make your own flowers. Make roses using traditional tan and white burlap and make a few with lace to add a touch of elegance. For brides who love the shabby chic aesthetic, burlap is the perfect fabric choice for a bouquet.


If you are getting married during the holiday season, Christmas bulbs make a beautiful bouquet. Choose a few different sizes and colors that match your wedding colors. For sparkle, use shiny or glittery ornaments. Choose a matte finish for a subtler look. Attach the ornaments to wire to create “stems” and then tie together using ribbon. You can make the arrangement using just the bulbs or you can add a few sprigs of leaves of tiny flowers to create a more floral appearance.

Pine Cones

Pine cones and branches are perfect for winter weddings, too. Spray on a bit of fake snow, glitter or metallic paint to create a bouquet that is truly magical and captures the beauty of winter.


If you are a crafty bride and enjoy knitting or crocheting, use yarn to create your one-of-a-kind bouquet. Crochet or knit flowers in varying colors and sizes and arrange them using beaded pins. If you are running low on time or just don’t feel like making a bunch of flowers, you can even use balls of yarn. Make a few in different sizes and place them in your bouquet for a touch of color and softness.

Soda Cans

Think way outside the box and use soda cans to create flowers for your wedding day. Get out your tin snips and carefully cut empty pop cans into flower shapes. Drill holes in the center, insert metal “stems” and then arrange into a bouquet. Coke cans work really well if you want something bright and bold! You can also spray paint your “flowers” to match your wedding colors.

On your wedding day, why have a traditional wedding bouquet that’s just like everyone else’s? With a little bit of creativity and a few supplies from the craft store, you can create a one-of-a-kind bouquet that is true “you” and will serve as an amazing keepsake for years to come. You could even ditch the “bouquet” altogether and go with something like a feather fan or an arrangement of fresh vegetables.