Find Out What Your Wedding Color Says About Your Personality guest post

Colors Convey Meanings: Find Out What Your Wedding Color Says About Your Personality

Wedding Color
Wedding Color

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​When deciding on a particular wedding theme, you have a lot of options to draw inspiration from, like your favorite seasons, favorite timelines, and shared interests which would also go well with the location. But if you’re running out of extraordinary wedding theme ideas, you can focus on the one essential element that can make the wedding decors cohesive while creating the mood – color.

​Choosing the prominent color/s for your wedding palette is more than just following a trend or infusing your style. There’s a meaning behind every color. The use of color can be a subtle way of communicating messages about your personality as well as your relationship.

Colors can also evoke different emotions and choosing the right color for your entourage garments, flowers, invitations, wedding cake, and other venue decors can give off the vibe you’d want to have on your wedding day.

So what are the wedding colors you have in mind? Read on to know what they symbolize and what they tell about your personality.


The bolder, the better – if this is your motto, you tend to envision a wedding ceremony and reception dominated by the color red. Red has always been associated with love and sexuality, but it is also a color that symbolizes vitality, passion, and power. If you’re optimistic, outgoing, and vigorous, you’re likely to choose red for your wedding palette. Aside from evoking strong and lively emotions, red is also ideal if you’re opting for a dramatic and luxe wedding.


Whether it is a warm, autuminal hue that spices things up or a bright popping shade that adds a bit of fun to a solemn ceremony, orange never fails to create an energetic ambiance on a wedding day. Orange symbolizes youth, optimism, enthusiasm, and joyfulness, and it’s not surprising why this happy, feel-good color appeals to flamboyant and spontaneous folks.


Yellow signifies happiness and intellectual energy. The color can uplift spirits and create a warm, welcoming, and cheerful vibe on your matrimony. You are likely to be a person who is imaginative, witty, carefee, and has a sweet disposition if you’re opting for yellow. You’re more of a practical idealist rather than a fantasy dreamer.


Green is a balanced, harmonized color that represents growth, renewal, and peace. It creates a fresh, calming and relaxed mood but with enough warmth to promote unity among guests. People who opt for green tend to be wise, compassionate, and level-headed. They crave peace and contentment above all else.


Blue is a safe, non-threatening color favored by most people. The color signifies peace and tranquility, and it is usually preferred by people with compassionate, soft, and caring personalities. The shade may also indicate whether you’re more of an introvert (royal and pale blue) or an extrovert (turquoise and aqua). Overall, blue creates a peaceful and relaxing mood on your wedding.


Purple is the color of royalty that signifies magic, mystery, and fantasy, and may stimulate the imagination. People who prefer purple are usually unconventional, whimsy, outgoing, and are likely to achieve positions of authority. Purple is also a versatile color which can be construed as romantic, sweet, and feminine (light purple, lilac, and lavender) or passionate, sensual, and mysterious (dark purple, deep eggplant).


Pink is one of the most common colors chosen in weddings. It may be due to the color’s great symbolism of love and beauty. If you’re opting for a pink-themed wedding, you’re likely to embody the same qualities of red fanatics – a diehard romantic at heart – but in a gentler, softer way. Pink as one of your dominant wedding colors will create a mood of gentle warmth and add a hint of playfulness.


The shades of brown are comforting earthy colors that symbolize convention and steadiness. People who choose to select these colors in their wedding palettes are usually have steady, conservative, and reliable personalities. Brown, which is associated with the colors of the nature, will promote a cozy and down-to-earth vibe, making guests feel at home.


Black is timeless. It conveys elegance, prestige, and mystery and couples who have strong and bold opinions about design and want to create an aura of intrigue are likely to go for this color. Black adds a clean, classy, and even nostalgic look to your wedding when it is used as an accent or combined with a complementary shade.


Gold is a symbol of luxury and triumph, but it can also symbolize cheerfulness and enjoyment in life, like yellow. People who’d love to include gold as their wedding accent tend to radiate charisma, confidence, and optimism. Gold as accents, without a doubt, will help create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere on your wedding.

Silver is a sleek and modern color that is often favored by people with an understated air of classiness. According to the psychology of colors, Silver is related to the female energy and it creates a fluid, soothing, and purifying effect. It adds a hint of elegance, glamour and femininity when used as accents.