How to incorporate glitter effortlessly into your wedding day Guest Post

How to incorporate glitter effortlessly into your wedding day

wedding day
wedding day

When it comes to planning your wedding day, the design is often the most important aspect, weaving together all the design elements to create a truly magical day to remember. For those unsure and still undecided on the theme and colour scheme of their wedding day, glitter is often a last choice. If adding a sprinkle of glitter to your wedding day has been a lifelong dream, or are planning an enchanting gold and white Christmas themed wedding with a frosting of glitter, there are a handful of fantastic options. All helping you to incorporate glitter into your wedding day. Whether you are unsure of where to start when it comes to adding glitter to your wedding day or are looking for some inspiration, we are here to help with our fantastic ideas on how to incorporate glitter into your wedding day?

:From the fine details incorporated into both the decor and accessories worn by the bride, to edible gold dust savoured by guests, keep reading to discover how to incorporate glitter into your wedding day.

Wedding outfit :

The most attractive and easiest way to incorporate glitter into the wedding day, is through the outfit ensemble. From the gorgeous gown to diamond encrusted heels, the opportunity to throw glitter into the works is endless. By adding a small glittery belt to a full white dress and headpiece to match is a subtle and truly effective way to add some shine. Yet, for those who want more drama, why not design a dress around a full sparkle corset, with matching accessories, and shoes, to have a top to bottom get up, complete with the most stunning sprinkle of fairy dust.

Glitter Dipped Favours :

Each wedding usually has its own collected parcel of favours offered to each of the guests. By giving them either a small memoir of the big day, whether as a personalised gift, or something generic, add some glitter to the wedding favour to emboss the theme of the wedding. For example, crafting a small pouch where the personal gift is placed in a royal gold glitter, or glittery gold champagne bottles to place, welcoming guests to their seat at the wedding reception. For an added, special effect, add a layer of glitter for a truly stylish finish. 

Edible dust:

For those with a sweet tooth and a collection of guests suffering from the same curse, why not have handmade treats created, with the addition of edible glitter scattered across each dessert. By finding a qualified caterer to craft swirled cupcakes topped with a light helping of icing and glitter, matching perfectly to your chosen colour scheme. Or perhaps opt for a sweet tart, offering a quick pick me up with the added sprinkle of fairy dust, in between the ceremony and the wedding photos. Be sure not to forget about the show-stopper that is the wedding cake. This should be equally extravagant with a generous layer of glitter, ensuring it is completely incorporated into the theme of the wedding, at the forefront of the wedding reception.

Edging Details:

A minimal and classy way to incorporate glitter without being too extravagant is by using materials lined with glitter. For example, lining the edge of the table mats with a small amount of glitter glue for just a hint of shine, helping to create a simple handcrafted effect. Or, find tumblers coated with a gorgeous gold for a slightly more sophisticated touch to the dining table. 

Glittery Photo Shoot

Another top tip on how to incorporate glitter into your wedding day is to organise a glitter photo shoot for the married couple and their guests. Allowing you to be bold with the use of glitter, using it either as a prop or wearing it within the photos for added fun and shine. It is likely you will be finding glitter in your hair and even eyebrows for the next couple of days, but for the fun of it, why not throw a handful of fairy dust into the air! A graceful and unique touch to your wedding day, take photos to help remind you of this magical moment. Not only is this a free way to add a fun effect to the image, but it is also a huge amount of fun to complete. This way, each photo will be glazed with a desirable amount of glitter, falling on each of your loved ones for added laughter and fun on this special day. 

Chair Covers

With the bride and groom being the guest of honour, why not make these seats just as special by lining them in a high-quality glitter material. For those wanting an elegant dash of glitter to their wedding day, by adding glitter dust covers, these options are ideal for those seeking a minimalist option. This way too, with only a few chairs covered, the decor of the reception room won’t become too overpowered while creating a subtle, yet effective diversion between the two. 

Wedding Band

For those wanting an extravagant styled wedding reception, and have opted for a live vintage wedding band to serenade their guests on the special day, why not throw some glitter into the mix too. Seeing as they are there to make your day even better, why not ask them to dress accordingly for your themed occasion. A full glitter suit perhaps? This way, not only will they be shining bright on stage, but it adds even more sparkle to the venue, no need to hire a glitter ball when you will have a fabulous collection of talented artists dressed in the finest diamond get-up. 


When it comes to adding glitter to your wedding day, there is a huge amount of creative ways that this design feature can be added. Whether incorporated through the addition of chairs to wedding favors, the options when it comes to glitter are limitless. The incorporation of glitter doesn’t have to be dramatic and overpowering and if you are worried about being bold with colour, being subtle and shy with glitter is often the most charming and effective use. For added sophistication, be creative with your use of glitter and release the inner princess within.So, be sure to use our suggested ideas within your planning process. The options don’t have to stop here, be sure to take a look over all of the other fabulous ideas you could take when looking at how to incorporate glitter into your wedding day? Share with us your thoughts and how you too have successfully added glitter to your wedding day.