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How Much Do the Wedding Dress Alteration Cost?

wedding dress
wedding dress

So you have found the perfect wedding dress. Great!

But not all women are lucky to found the dress that perfectly fit them. It needs to get altered. Some dresses require little tweaking while some require too many alterations.

However, the cost of wedding dress alteration depends upon the style and complexity of alteration.
Wedding Dress Alteration Galway differs from dress to dress. It is because there are several techniques used in designing a bridal dress, and each designer has a unique style of designing the dress.

So, estimating cost just over a call or just by looking at it isn’t possible.

Some alterations are too costly, not because they are difficult to do; it is because they are more time-consuming. There is no shortcut to alterations. It needs to done just perfectly so that you can be the most beautiful and confident bride on your wedding day.

Undoubtedly, it takes a progressive effort by the seamstress to achieve a perfectly altered wedding dress. And this effort will cost some bucks.

So, once you finished purchasing your wedding dress, it’s time to get it altered. Two-three months before your wedding day, the dress that you have selected is partially ready. You might gain or lose some weight between the time you selected your dress and the time you will finally wear it.
Therefore, we recommend you to always buy one size larger than your actual size.

On average, the wedding dress alterations cost between €300 and €800. You may find someone who works out of their home and will cost you less for wedding dress alteration.

But, think again, how good enough they are at what they do. Don’t risk your dream wedding dress to save some money. The average home sewer would not even know where to begin. So, it always recommended hiring a professional to get your wedding dress altered.

Here is the breakdown of how much your wedding dress alteration will cost.
It is always better to go for 2-3 fittings before your wedding day. Shoulders, side seams, hemming, bust area, and bustle are some areas that are most likely to be altered.

· Take in Shoulders: €40 – €120
· Take in Bust: €90 – €190
· Take in Sides: €60 – €200
· Mend lace: €40 – €160
· Hem: €80 – € 300
· Bustle: €80 – €150

These are the estimated price for wedding dress alterations. While bridal alterations are complex and very time consuming, a skilled tailor can make a perfect fit dress for you on time. He makes sure that you look perfect on your wedding day.

Some additional fees for bridal alterations.

After alterations, your wedding dress needs to be steamed or pressed to give it perfect finishing. For a simple dress, it can cost €40, and a multi-layered dress, it can cost up to €100.

Every bride wants to look beautiful and confident on her wedding day and that can be achieved if you wear a perfectly altered wedding dress.