Wedding Dress Look Like A Million Bucks Guest Post

How To Make Your Cheap Wedding Dress Look Like A Million Bucks

Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress

​We get it – a wedding is a once in a lifetime event we should splurge on. However, some people, either for philosophical or for budgetary reasons, choose not to spend a lot on a one-day celebration. They choose to be wise and maximize the wedding budget only on the essentials. Adapting this thinking is a wise move, though you shouldn’t let your bridal look get deprived.
You don’t have to buy an expensive wedding dress if you’re on a budget. A simple, cheap wedding dress can be spruced up for a luxe, elegant look, with a few tricks. 
1. Select the right color
There are different shades of white and the slight contrast can make a huge difference. Softer whites, like ivory and creamy tones, are suggested over sharp, optic whites. Softer whites tend to lend an extremely luxe vibe. Anything too bright will look harsh and graphic in photos.
Also, don’t limit your options to white and select the shade that flatters the undertone of your skin. If the color nicely complements your natural skin tone, you’ll look ravishing regardless of how cheap the dress costs.
2. Don’t skimp on tailoring
Tailor to perfection, ladies. You can have the simplest RTW dress and still look like a million dollar bride if it’s able to perfectly embrace every curve and fit you in all the right places. Even a second-hand bridal dress can look new and customized with the right fitting.
Investing in tailoring gives you a chance to change something subtle about the dress to make it one of a kind. You can reduce alteration costs by picking the size of gown that accommodates your largest measurement.
3. Focus on the little details 
What are the details that can make a dress look more elegant and expensive? Generally, less is more.
A lot of expensive gowns don’t go overboard with beading. It’s suggested to buy a less beaded or unbeaded garment and let accessories speak. Usually, bulky embellishments cheapen the dress.
Narrower straps often create a more luxurious appeal.
If your wedding dress is plain and simple, a shimmering belt or a shiny satin sash may be all it takes to make it look grand. Aside from adding a subtle spark, a belt can make your waistline more accentuated, creating a couture look.
Zippers are great but you might want to cover them with satin buttons to add a majorly chic detail.
4. Accessorize wisely
Like affixed embellishments, you shouldn’t go overboard with accessories especially when your dress is already a va-va-voom on its own. If your dress is already embellished, limit yourself to one stand out accessory at most. Usually, statement veil, a jeweled belt or a killer head piece is all it takes to jazz up your bridal look without splurging. If you have a basic, unadorned wedding dress, one or two well-chosen pieces would do the trick.
5. Have one striking feature
A dress with a striking feature, whether it’s an illusion-sheer front, an open back, or a high-thigh slit, always looks more couture. If the back of your gown is straight across, you can have it altered into a V or U shape for a more breathtaking look. Showing off a bit of skin never fails to add visual interest, as long as you don’t overdo it.
6. Work on your silhouette with the right undergarments
Apart from obsessing with what can be seen, think about the details underneath your wedding dress.
Under the dress essentials like foundation garments can go a long way in flattering your figure. Undergarments are utilized to emphasize (or enhance) your best features, conceal your problem spots, and make you comfortable while working on your silhouette. Ask your stylist which ones should be paired with your dress as the designer intended it.
7. Mind your hair & makeup
It’s not just about the bridal dress. At the end of the day, it’s about the wearer – the bride herself.
You may want to skimp on hair and makeup to save costs and just DIY, but this isn’t a good idea. Your hair and makeup should last all day without fading and looking sticky, so it’s a must to hire professionals to enhance your natural beauty.
Just a tip: Don’t go overboard with contouring and highlighting. You need your stylist to boost your beautiful facial features and not transform you into someone you aren’t. The man you’ll be spending the rest of your life with wants to see the face of the woman he fell in love with, walking down the aisle.
Author Bio:
Carmina Natividad is one of the enthusiastic writers for Jennifer Regan, a shop in Sydney that caters to women who are looking for the perfect bridal dress to wear as they walk down the aisle. Her articles mainly focus on fashion and beauty, which help soon-to-be-brides prepare for their wedding day.