Wedding Dress Shopping 8 Tell-tale Signs Guest Post

Wedding Dress Shopping 8 Tell-tale Signs You’ve Found “The One”

Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress

Guest post By: Carmina Natividad is one of the enthusiastic writers for Jennifer Regan, a shop in Sydney that caters to women who are looking for the perfect bridal dress to wear as they walk down the aisle. Her articles mainly focus on fashion and beauty, which help soon-to-be-brides prepare for their .
​We can all agree – dress hunting is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. However, it can also be one of the most exhausting, especially when time isn’t on your side. Trying on different dresses is all fun and bliss until it’s finally time to make a crucial decision – to choose the best among the rest. To choose “the one.”
So how will you know if you’ve already found YOUR dress? Here are 8 signs that indicate you’ve found the perfect dress for your wedding and you shouldn’t let it go.
It starts with a spark…
As soon as you step in front of the mirror wearing the dress, the bridal salon swiftly lights up. A choir can be heard singing an angelic hymn out of nowhere while pastel pink butterflies envelop you. Your eyes are fixed on the dress, while the rest of the world fades from view. You suddenly picture yourself walking down the aisle, toward the man waiting near the altar.
Fast-forward to reality, all you can hear are “wows” and superlatives – “this is the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen in my life.” If these things happen, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve found the one.
2. The opinions of others don’t matter
Don’t get me wrong – the opinions of your loved ones greatly help in decision making. However, brides tend to fall into the trap of conforming to their loved ones’ expectations due to pressure and saying yes to the dress they don’t really love.
When you find the perfect dress, the opinions of other people in the room don’t matter. And if it’s “the one”, you are likely to still find it beautiful even when you’re shopping alone.
3. The cost seems insignificant either
The dress is all you can think of that you fail to consider its price. However, nothing is more agonizing than the idea of not wearing the specific dress on your big day because you cannot afford it. That is why you should only try the dresses that are in line with your budget to avoid breaking the bank (and breaking your heart).
4. The people in the room is tearing up
The fact that you’re going to be married and you’ll make a ravishing bride starts to sink in. Your parents are crying. Your bestfriend is crying. Your sister is crying. Even your tough brother is trying to hold back his tears.
5. You find it in line with your wedding plans
Putting all emotional aspects aside, you should think of how the dress will fit in with the rest of your wedding plans. Yes, it surely has a “wow” factor in it but is it suitable for your wedding venue, theme, and environment? Needless to say, you can’t wear a body-hugging dress with the deep v-neck neckline if you’re having a conservative, traditional church wedding ceremony. You don’t want to be the talk of the town for the wrong reasons.
6. Your body has never looked this better
It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or curvy, tall or petite, apple or pear. A dress that flatters you and makes you feel good about yourself is definitely a must-keep. It emphasizes your stunning features while hiding your trouble spots. You look and feel beautiful even without the glamorous up-dos and makeup and you just can’t wait to try it with a full look to see how gorgeous you can be.
7. You’re comfortable wearing it
You won’t stand still like a mannequin on your big day. You’ll eat and drink, walk around, dance, and enjoy yourself while wearing it. With this, your dress should be an ally. Don’t buy a dress in the name of fashion.
Give the dress a trial by walking, sitting, and even hopping around the dressing room. Envision yourself wearing it from midday to midnight. A dress that makes you feel uncomfortable in any way (e.g. itchy fabric, heavy skirt, fat-baring bodice, and revealing neckline) just won’t cut it.
8. You just can’t shut up about it, even if it’s not your ideal dress
You have a clear vision in mind – that you want a sparkly ball gown with a sweetheart neckline. But as soon as you tried the vintage lace trumpet dress with a Queen Anne neckline, you just can’t stop obsessing over how perfect it looked on you. Well, dress shopping is pretty similar to relationships – we often fall not for the man of our dreams but for the man who can make our dreams come true.
When all these things happen, it’s a good indication that the search is over. Even after your stylist pulled a charming designer dress, you can’t seem to take your eyes off the dress you’ve previously tried on. Yes, you try on other dresses for the sake of having more options but they still pale comparison to your dream dress.
You don’t want to take it off. You even tell your mom to cancel all your upcoming appointments because you’re convinced you’ve already found your dress.