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Unique wedding gift ideas- Your journey made special

wedding gift ideas
wedding gift ideas

“Marriage” It is not just about two individuals coming together to spend their entire life together but more about the amalgamation of two families. The event is special not just for their families but for their extended circle as well. The first step towards this embarking journey is the decision where both bride and groom extend their approval to spend their life together.

It is easier for their families to find an appropriate gift for them but becomes equally difficult for friends and other guests who are still in proximity and want to gift something that is more personalized to the couple.

These days, celebrating monthly anniversaries in the first year of relationship has caught up the pace. To come with new gift each month becomes a bit cumbersome; a gift that has the feelings one wants to convey, a gift that can be of utility as well. The journey from approval to marriage sees a lot of important events wherein different props/gifts can make it much more special. Let us look at a few options couples and their friends can look forward to for meeting their personalized gifting need.

Roka – The first step towards your marriage

It is the official announcement that the boy and girl make with the consent of their family about their willingness to spend their life together. It is generally a small function carried out at bride’s home in presence of close family members and friends. A gift that you can give to your friends on this special occasion with a few designs mentioned below:

Engagement – Exchange your rings

An engagement or a fiancer is a promise to wed the person you wish to spend your life with. The importance of this ceremony before the marriage is equally important to that of getting married. The period between engagement and wedding is generally 6 months to 2 years. Couples tend to understand one another in terms of their likes and dislikes and also gives them a cushion to adjust as per the needs of other individual to have a successful marriage. Friends and cousins who wish to give some unique gifts can look for personalization for the same.

Pre-wedding – Save the date! 

Off late, pre-wedding photography and videos have gained much more importance. Couples tend to spend anywhere between Rs. 15000 to 1,00,000 for the same. The shoot sometimes is on some different location away from their city to make the cinematography look vivacious. They usually use a lot of props and clothes for differently shots to give it a touch of unique. Checkout a few options down here that can help you to make your pre wedding special:

Make your invites stand out

The routine invitation cards are present in the market for quite a long time now. Couples tend to get something unique if not for all the guests, atleast for their friends and family. The invitation card can be either a digital copy of a hard bound one but it has to be unique, the one that looks special and make the receiver feel special about the couple. Have a look at few options below to make your invite look like no other:

The Wedding knot
The special day in life of every couple and their family, where everyone around is happy for the newly wedding couple showering them with gifts and blessing. Everything said and done but couples these days spend a handsome amount on making the wedding and its allied ceremonies look special. The most general props used here are the bride and groom squad t-shirts by the friends and family. A unique adoption here can be mobile cases with bride and groom ideas mentioning their wedding dates. 
Wedding reception mostly is clubbed with wedding ceremonies but sometimes it is a standalone function in itself that should look grand. One unique idea that could make your wedding look no less than a movie premier.

There are many more items you can look forward to customize and make your acceptance to wedding journey special in all possible way.

Author Bio: Altaf Gilani is an Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing professional. He is also a co-founder at Swaham Artesign LLP – Online t-shirt printing store. He looks after Website Management & Digital Marketing of Swaham.com