Style Your Wedding With New Trends Guest Post

Style Your Wedding With New Trends: Create Impressive Moments For Life


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“N Parekh I am wedding card makers & having vast experience of Indian wedding industry. I write my experiences & share them on different wedding blogs to help people in their wedding planing. Indian Wedding is a big industry to get lost in it, so helping people to plan budget weddings.”

If you are done with the engagement then it is probable that your wedding is on cards. Every couple on the planet desires to celebrate a new beginning of life in the most special way. Nowadays, the trends are turning out to be unique and larger than expected. When you notice some of the extraordinary wedding trends you can find some over the peak concepts while others seem to be perfect with elegant touches. Irrespective of the budget you have fixed for the wedding celebrations, it is possible to come out with inspiring themes and trends to make the event impressive for one and all. In this piece of article, some interesting elements regarding wedding cards and photography are shared. Have a glimpse of it. 

Trends revolving around Indian wedding cards

You can excite your guests right at the beginning of the event with the best Indian wedding invitations that are now available online. Some of the extraordinary trends associated with the invites include foil stamping, plexiglas invitations, as well as glow in dark ink style. Well, bold envelopes and bespoke illustrations are the new statements for the weddings going to be held in the year 2017. You can find many such fascinating trends of Indian wedding cards online.
If you wish to check out some more stylish and out of the box wedding cards trends, to pick one from them, here are some more choices for you.
●     Handwritten and calligraphy patterns: It is a fancy new concept. If you have only handful of guests on your invitees list then you can go for elegant writing style using ornate calligraphy with cute motifs.
●     Gold: The new glitzy trend which is being used by many is the gold foil. Highlighting the names of the couples on the card with some gold can turn the card amazing.
●     Water colours: This is an ultra fresh theme that a lot of people are using. Light hues of water colours will give a romantic touch to the wedding cards.
Latest trends about candid wedding photography

It is mandatory to incorporate photography in the wedding so as to relive the special memories time and again. Candid wedding photography is the latest trend being picked by the couples for various events such as pre wedding photo shoot, wedding candid photography and even for post wedding events.
What’s the speciality of candid style photography? Well, the expert photographer will focus to capture the priceless emotions of the couple. The natural stances of the bride and groom are captured in the most creative manner and the result is simply valuable. When a professional photographer is hired for the job, he shall leave no stone unturned to create magic with the snaps.
If you are delighted reading the above stylish trends related to Indian wedding cards and candid photography style, you can add the magic of the unique trends in your wedding and turn the event memorable for everyone attending the wedding.