Weddings 101: Four Ways to Insert Fun Into Your Weddings! - Guest Post

Weddings 101: Four Ways to Insert Fun Into Your Weddings!


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Your wedding day is all about you, your spouse and a celebration of your love. To commemorate the event and make it even more memorable for your guests by injecting a bit of fun into your wedding day’s activities. Make an impression—an impact on your wedding guests by including photo booths, dessert stations, a big dancefloor and the like. So, before finalizing the plans for your wedding, scour some of the wedding packages in the Philippines and see if they offer you some unique, creative and quirky options you can incorporate into your wedding day. Otherwise, here are some ideas to get you started:

1.) Sweets Table
 Who does not love dessert? Probably no one. On your most romantic day, make it extra sweeter by including a sweets table or by installing a dessert buffet. You can choose to either have this available with the main course or let it be its own star during cocktail hour. Apart from giving your guests a taste of succulent desserts, pastries and the like, it will also give your reception table a burst of color. Create themes that would suit your taste and preferences. If you have a penchant for chocolate, include a luxurious chocolate fountain or if you have a thing for nostalgia, then include retro sweets. Your options are limitless.
2.) Photo Booths
Make your wedding an event to remember by having a photo booth. In this modern age where cellphones are readily equipped with cameras, it would be nice to have another medium to catch all those whacky moments. Besides, the best and silliest moments are the ones your wedding photographer cannot capture.This is where a photo booth comes handy. Ask your wedding photographer if he can designate a photo booth on top of the photos he would take for your wedding, and for even better shots,  include props and fun costumes. If you are on a budget, the photos taken can even double as your guests’ souvenirs.
3.) Include pets
 If you and your spouse are animal loves, then include your furry friends on your very special day. Have them groomed and even dressed for this occasion. They can even have special parts if you and your spouse so wish. Just make sure your furry friends are properly potty trained as you would not want them leaving their waste just about anywhere.
4.) Finger Food
 Instead of the traditional dinner buffet, why not have a sit-down meal with your guests instead. If you are holding your ceremony in the mornings, why not take an unconventional route and try to have a picnic as a reception instead? Or a wedding barbecue with all of your favorite summer dishes? Just select the food dishes that you want and have your caterer turn it into sandwiches or canapes. This might even be an opportunity for them to provide new flavors and dishes apart from the ones they are used to making. Make your wedding an event to remember by offering your guests something different– a unique dining option in casual and more intimate setting.