How to Start a Wedding Planning Business? - Guest Post

How to Start a Wedding Planning Business?

wedding business
wedding business

There are no second thoughts in the fact that wedding planning is a really exciting field. But, just like any other career, wedding planning isn’t like eating a piece of cake either. And if you are planning to start a business of your own, you should definitely be having a well-sorted plan and some really strong business acumens along with the passion to create weddings beautifully.

Consider Learning Ropes with On-Site Coordination

Of course, you can straight away jump to having your own business, but it will be more beneficial if you have some experience and get some contacts as an on-site coordinator before you start an enterprise of your own.
Learning about the details of the wedding business by being an employee to somebody else is a great way to start your journey in this industry.

Starting a Wedding Planning Business

When and if you decide that it’s time to start your own wedding planning venture, keep the following things in mind:

  • Startup Costs

Fortunately, starting a wedding planning business would not require you to invest a lot in the beginning. Since you have the option to meet your clients at their place or somewhere out, you would not necessarily require an office space. All you would need to spend on, in the beginning, would include your attorney cost (to get your business legally registered and prepare a contract that you would be getting signed by your clients) along with basic office supplies and marketing.

  • Business Goals

Without a business goal, you can easily lose track of your business. Make sure that you have set an average figure for yourself that you aim to earn by the end of the first year (consider the market prices to have a better idea) and work on improving those numbers. Also, remember to have some personal goals. Since you are new in the business, make sure that you are focusing on learning every aspect in detail before you aim to gain perfection.

  • Portfolio

Word-of-mouth is undoubtedly the most resulting marketing tool when it comes to the wedding planning business. However, other than that an online portfolio of your work would get you quite a lot of customers. You can get a photoshoot for a mock wedding. Use this as an opportunity to work with the local vendors and you can provide them referrals in exchange. Also, make sure that this mock wedding depicts your ability to give attention to details and your familiarity with the latest trends.

  • Landing the First Clients

Now, this is one of the biggest challenges that you are going to face as a wedding planner because once you have at least one successful wedding on your portfolio, you will be getting more offers without much effort. Begin by sending out personal emails to all the newly engaged couples in your locality or ask your friends if anybody is getting married in their circles. Offer your first few clients some serious discounts so that they would give you the opportunities.

  • Certification

Consider a relevant degree or certification, in case you do not already have one. In fact, a degree in hospitality will also be useful and reliable for your clients when you are getting into event planning. Additionally, you can get short-term certifications from the approved organizations that are in the same business. These education and prior experience certifications would help you in gaining the trust of your clients in the beginning as it would make them believe that you have knowledge of your work.

Remember! At the beginning of your venture, you will have to wear many hats. You will be playing a wedding planner, marketing director, accountant and customer service specialist all at the same time. But once you have successful events in your kitty, you will be growing and expanding.