What Color Shirt Goes With Navy Blue Pants? Guest Post

What Color Shirt Goes With Navy Blue Pants?

Navy Blue Pants

If you want to dress up your navy blue pants but don’t want to wear a white shirt, you can wear a light gray shirt instead. This color combination is simple and will go with any pair of navy pants. However, if you want to look more sophisticated, you can opt for black.

The color of your shirt will make a big difference in your look. You can choose from many different styles that match navy blue pants. The key is to choose a shirt that compliments the color of your pants. Some people prefer a bolder color while others choose a more subtle one.

Navy Blue Pants

While white is a neutral color and can go well with navy blue pants, it is also unusual. This color combination will give you a unique look. You can also choose to wear a lighter shade of blue over your top and a darker shade of white over your bottom. Or, you can opt for a monochromatic alternative like white-black.

If you want to wear a color other than white, you can wear a light blue or red shirt. These colors complement each other well and will help to create a balanced look. You can also try a lighter shade of navy, such as a deep gold tone. Another way to dress up your navy pants is to use a fiery orange accent piece or a monochrome look with a bold accent piece. You can also use an accent piece in a third color for a more colorful look.

The next time you’re wearing navy blue pants, you might want to wear a different color shirt. A white shirt is ideal with dark pants, but white will clash with some shirts. Likewise, a light shirt would look better with navy blue pants. However, if you’d rather wear a darker shade, you can opt for a dark shade of maroon.

Another great color to wear with navy blue pants is burgundy. This rich color will bring out the best features of navy blue. It also looks good on people with black hair and medium skin tone. It is also appropriate for taller people. When it comes to choosing a color, it is important to choose something that will highlight your features without looking too gaudy.

Another option for a white shirt is a white button-down dress shirt. This is a classic choice that looks classy and sophisticated. White button-down dress shirts are also an option, but you can also opt for a light-colored shirt for a more casual look.

Another option for a shirt that will go with navy blue pants is a mint green shirt. This color matches navy blue pants very well, and makes you look stylish and sophisticated. A white button-down shirt or chambray shirt would also look great. You could also try wearing a nude top with navy pants.