What is Coolsculpting? And How Does it Work - Guest Post

What is Coolsculpting? And How Does it Work


what is coolsculpting?

We all have our fat area in the body – the one part where fat would just accumulate and not budge, no matter how much we exercise or alter our eating habits. Does the problem sound familiar to you? Have you consulted many experts and probably stopped at the solution of having removed the fat surgically because that seems like a bit scary option? Well, we also relate with the issue well and that is why we have a better recommendation for you – Try CoolSculpting!

what is coolsculpting


CoolScupting is a non-surgical procedure through which the excess fat cells in your body are made to freeze, causing those cells to die and thereafter get eliminated from the body slowly but surely.
It has been comprehended that intense cold affects your body fat cells in such a manner that it results in improved body shape. Let’s go back in history a bit and understand from where did the concept actually originate

It was first observed in 1970s that fat can get freeze with excessive cold when some children in Russia started losing their cheek fat owing to their habit of sucking popsicles frequently. This finding was examined over the years and it eventually came in notice of the scientists who studied and developed the cryolipolysis process, referring to fat freezing. The research ultimately resulted in development of CoolSculpting machine which is recognized as a safe method of losing the minor accumulation of excessive fat.

How CoolSculpting Actually Works?

CoolSculpting uses the cold energy to ensure that your body fat cells are permanently destroyed. The machine functions by pulling the fat bulge from the areas where it is excessive into the device which consist of the cooling plates. A glycerin pad is placed between your body and the machine to protect your skin while the machine processes. The cooling plates are then activated to a temperature where the fat cells will become vulnerable and die while your skin, blood vessels and nerves along with other organs remain fine.

The process takes one hour per area on the body and all the fat cells are destroyed within a period of 4-6 weeks in that particular area. In some cases, multiple areas can also be treated at one time.

Just remember! This procedure is not a miracle. Though the cells are destroyed, you can grow fat again depending on your lifestyle. The good thing here is that you can repeat this process again after a gap of almost one month on the same area.