What Is Face Yoga? 7 Exercises to Try at Home for Glowing face skin

What Is Face Yoga? 7 Exercises to Try at Home for Glowing face skin

Face Yoga
Face Yoga

What Is Face Yoga? 7 Exercises to Try at Home for Glowing face skin

You might be aware of yoga exercises for the body but may not be about the face.

Yes, you read it right. Like, there are workouts to tone your body muscles; similarly, there are exercises to tone your facial muscles, which are popularly known as face yoga.

Many people have adapted this daily face yoga to strengthen loose facial expressions and uplift areas that have drooped or sagged.

Besides conditioning your facial muscles, these facial exercises have many advantages, which we will share in this article.

Along with that, we will tell you facial workouts, incorporating which in your daily routine can give you that everlasting glow.

So, are you ready to get that charming skin? Go through this informative article.

5 Astounding Benefits of Face Yoga

Listed below are some of the advantages of facial exercises.

1) Helps you get stress free

Your hectic routine and constant pressure may be making you feel depressed and tense.

Due to which you may have been experiencing fatigue and tiredness all day long. Now, you can get relief from all tension and stress by doing facial yoga.

These exercises work significantly in relaxing your muscles, giving you a calming and soothing experience.

Also, it is a great way to get rid of stress marks or lines.

2) Restores Your Natural Beauty

With time your skin may have started showing signs of premature aging. And, all those wrinkles and blemishes may be taking a toll on your skin.

To get rid of all those things, you need to practice yoga for the face, which will help you get that naturally glowing skin. 

Additionally, it will rejuvenate your skin, making it healthier and firmer than ever before.

3) Stimulates Blood Circulation

To keep your facial skin in good shape, the proper flow of blood must keep happening.

These facial exercises escalate blood supply, nurturing your skin cells and giving oxygen to the working cells.

Besides this, proper circulation of blood helps you minimize the damage caused by free radicals, along with flushing off waste products from your cells.

It can revamp vasodilation – the process of broadening up your blood vessels.

4) A Remedy to Several Health Issues

Facial yoga is a solution to varied health-related problems like headaches, neck pain, and snoring. So, by doing them, you don’t need to take any medicines or antibiotics.

It can also help with speech issues if you are facing one.

Above all, if a person is enduring facial paralysis or any disease like this, these exercises can effectively treat them.

5) Fine-Tune Your Facial Parts

You must be wanting that gleaming face with everything in line.

Facial exercises can help you achieve that by broadening your eyes, lifting your cheeks, and fine-tuning the jawline.

It will uplift your eyebrows, straightening your eyelids, making your face fuller.

Additionally, it minimizes the occurrence of scars and fine lines, giving your face organs a radiant look.


7 Best Facial Exercises:  To make your skin radiantly beautiful

To keep your skin in the pink of its health, infuse these facial workouts in your daily routine, which are as follows-

1) Raise Your Cheek Muscles

For this exercise, firstly, you have to open your mouth, making an O shape.

Then uplift your lips above your teeth and gently blush to lift your cheekbones. Afterward, put your index fingers on the bones of your cheek below the region of your eyes.

 Then, slowly, liberate your jowl muscles and then smile once more, as if you are taking your muscles upward.

Keep repeating this exercise for 10 minutes to minimize the effect of drooling on your face.

2) Plump up Your Lips

To get those flawless Lips, perform this exercise.

At first, comfortably settle down on your mat and tilt your head back. After which, firmly scrunch up your lips, and push them ahead.

Remain in this poster for 10-15 seconds and then let go of them.

It will make your lips slim and reduce the appearance of lines.

 3) Stretch Up Your Neck

To do away with your neck pain and drooping neck, try out this exercise.

To do this exercise, sit down and recline your head backward. While doing this, you should feel a stretch in your neck. Then, take your lips out so that you sense a deep bit in your neck area.

Then put your fingers on both sides of your neck and stroke down your cheekbones.

4)  Practice That Simhasana

Attempt a lion pose to relax your face and chest muscles.

Start this excellent and funny exercise by dripping your jawline and open your mouth as broadly as possible. Post that, take your tongue out and move it forward in the direction of your chin.

Then, begin inhaling via your mouth and make a roaring buzz in your throat just like a lion.

5) Temple Developer

Want to get solace from that crow’s feet? Opt for this exercise.

Keep your fingers on your temples, and put a light force on your temples as you seal your jawline. Simultaneously, contract your teeth while moving your chin upwards.

As you tighten your teeth, put stress on your temple region, pondering as if you are attempting to move your ears backward.

Maintain this pose for 10 seconds and then again tighten down your back teeth for 10 seconds. Remember your temples should bend every time you contract your teeth.

6) Compress your nose

Tired of listening that your nose is fat? Slim it down, by this exercise.

Begin with forming an O with your mouth. Next, with the help of your index fingers, gently press your nostrils so that you can inhale through your nose.

Post which look up at the rooftop and exhale, keeping in mind that your nostrils should flare.

7) Fish Face

It is one of the easy facial exercises to get rid of flabbiness in your cheeks.

For this, plump your cheeks and lips, molding your face in a fish-like pose, and attempt smiling.

Hold on to this posture for 10-15 seconds and continue doing it for at least 20 minutes to get the best results.


To get a pretty picture look that catches everyone’s eye, try out these fantastic facial workouts.

And, if you wish to maintain that glow throughout your life, make a habit of infusing in your daily workout sessions.