Why Window Decals Must Be On Your List of Priorities for Boosting Your Store Traffic

Why Window Decals Must Be On Your List of Priorities for Boosting Your Store Traffic

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A good way of drawing the eyeballs of potential customers is by installing attractive window graphics on your storefront windows. A window sticker is one of the best ways of drawing attention to your store, boosting your brand awareness, and announcing sales and promotions, and that too without spending a lot. Some of the best reasons for you to put up window graphics:

Great for Boosting Brand Awareness

It can be difficult for a store to grow its brand affordably. The clutter in the environment is usually intense, and the opportunities for increasing brand awareness are limited because of the cost. Installing window graphics is an effective way of using available resources to boost your brand. With a simple step, you can transform your storefront windows into a powerful advertising medium that can catch the attention of potential customers from far. Because they are usually at eye level, passersby can see it far better than the conventional shop signage installed higher. Also, you can keep changing the window graphics from time to time to make special announcements regarding new product lines, sales promotions, and more. According to Forbes, marketing is now more focused on relationship-building than transactional.

Easily Installed and Removed

One of the biggest factors working in favor of window graphics is their ease of installation. All you need to do is apply soap solution to the glass surface, peel away the backing paper of the sticker, and apply it in a smooth action. You can adjust the position of the sticker and correct its alignment as the soap solution prevents the adhesive from bonding to the glass. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can remove the excess soap solution and the bubbles with the help of a squeegee and let it dry naturally. Window decals can be installed on the outside and on the inside of the store window. However, they will last longer when installed inside since they are protected from the elements. When you want to replace the stickers, you can remove the earlier ones easily. The installation and removal do not take any special skills or tools, and you can easily do it yourself.

Control the Light and Impact of UV Radiation

If your store has large windows, you may find too much light entering and creating havoc with the internal lighting and interior décor. Also, bright sunlight streaming it for hours every day can cause your stock and furnishing, and fabrics to fade due to UV radiation. By installing window graphics strategically, you can control the amount of light entering the store and limit the damage and enhance aesthetics. Also, the window stickers are effective in reducing the heat buildup inside and you can save money operating your HVAC system as it does not have to work so hard anymore.


Window graphics are a simple but highly effective, attractive, and cost-efficient way of advertising your business. You can be as creative as you like and leverage their versatility to your advantage in an affordable manner.