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5 Winter Jewellery Trends 2020

Jewellery Trends

The summer months were enjoyable and bright, but sadly the time for bringing out the flowery dress and accompanying cuff has passed (at least until next year!). But of course, there’s jewelry you can wear along with your winter garments. These are the 5 biggest trends to know this winter when it comes to picking your jewelry.

Return of the traditional pearl necklace

Over the past year, pearl necklaces have had been given more of a modern twist and have been worn as more of a choker or along with a longer necklace. This winter, the pearl necklace is set to be back with the traditional string, the pearls can be worn along with your bronze or tan coat as the traditional look of the coat will complement the pearls nicely. A pearl necklace is essentially a fairly generic piece and it is hard to differentiate between two different strings (unless you have the riches to purchase a real one) so just looking to purchase one that fits to standard.

Bracelet oversleeves

​A stand-out look from the New York, Paris, London and Milan fashion weeks was the look of the bracelet worn over the top of the sleeve or a longer glove. Depending on the type of bracelet, it was worn either on top of the elbow or on the wrist. When wanting to choose what bracelet you want there is obviously a wide range to choose from: bangles, cuffs, wrap bracelets, etc. As this is a unique style with it being worn over your clothing you want to make sure it is a nice piece, but the one you choose is important. Thomas Sabo offer a beautiful range of cuffs that go well with this look but the price can be an issue and there are probably some cheaper alternatives out there.


Multiple layers are a common thing to be seen in winter, but this time you can also do it with your jewellery! This is a trend that helps make any outfit stand out, and this look can be worn with one piece of jewellery that is designed to be multi-layered or by getting several different coloured pieces. Judging by the respective fashion weeks it is the metallic jewellery that is set to be in the layers. There are many options for getting your multilayers, the one-piece design is likely to be the best option and will go well with a variety of evening and day-time outfits.

Across-ear earrings

Another trend that was exhibited at the global fashion weeks was the bigger earing that comes across the top of the ear. This kind of earring is different from the conventional design and it gives a stronger look to any outfit as it will likely to be what will stand out the most. The across-ear earring would likely be worn as part of your evening outfit and would be complemented best with a long silk dress and pair of high heeled shoes. This is a piece that should be available at a reasonable price from most high street stores and there will be no need to look towards the higher prices set by Michael Kors.

Punk is still big

The punk-rock look has been one that has been visited a few times over the past few seasons, and going into this year’s winter months it seems as though this surge is set to continue. The punk look is big across a number of jewelry pieces with thick chokers still a look that is blossoming. With the necklaces and bracelets, the colors of black and chrome will go well with the standard winter wardrobe, and even better, these types of pieces aren’t likely to give you too much of an issue as far as price is concerned!