The 5 Best Winter Sex Positions in 2021 - Sex Guest Post

The 5 Best Winter Sex Positions in 2021

Winter Sex Positions

Summer is officially over! I bet like many of us, you have begun counting down until the sunny days are back again.
Things might seem tough when you’re not lying on a hot beach with half-naked oiled up bodies around you, but the winter season has its own charm to bring to the table too!

You might not be able to show off your beach-body anymore, but trust me, there’s still people out there who’d like to take a peak. So, instead of hiding yourself under the blankets with a cup of hot chocolate, how about you warm up with another person’s body temperature?

According to Bustle there are at least 7 good reasons why winter is actually the best season for sex. I’m not sure about you, but if you give me 1 good reason, then that’s all the motivation I need!

With all that being said, lets dive into the top 5 winter sex positions that will keep you “hot” through the cold nights:

1. Rocky Mountain

Who needs doggy style when you have the “Rocky Mountain”!?

Pile up a few pillows on your bed and have the receiving party lean on top of your makeshift “mountain”. Then let your partner get some backdoor penetration going while he leans against you.

Let your partner’s chest warm up your back, while you “climb” up and down the mountain for some extra action!

2. Shivery Spooning

Since the holidays are just around the corner, you won’t have to ask for that extra “spoonful”.

Cuddle up with your partner on the couch, lie on your sides and cover your bodies with a blanket. If your body heat is not up and running within a few minutes then you’re doing it wrong. Let your man hug you from behind and rub against him for some extra stimulation. Get your bodies to connect deeply while you both ride the slow rhythm together.

Who said you can’t be lazy during sex?

3. Arctic Arch

A trip to the Arctic might not be possible, but you can let him put his hands on that arch!

Ladies, this one might be a bit tricky. Lie with your back against the bed and arch your back as much as you can while keeping your legs spread. After that, let your man kneel in between your legs and push all his glory inside you for some deeper penetration!

If you feel like you need an extra “hand”, let your man cup your butt-cheeks in his palms.

4. Molten Missionary

One of the more classic sex positions from our list that will turn you into an erupting volcano!

I’m pretty sure you won’t need much direction for this one, but I’ll give you a tip anyway. While your partner is on top of you, wrap your legs around his waist and start kissing his bare chest. Don’t go crazy here, because you do not want him erupting his “volcano” too soon!

This is one of the closest sex positions to the “Pigs In a Blanket”, and we’re not talking about food in this case.

5. Snug Sitting

You might not get as snug as a bug with this one, but you’ll get pretty close!

This is probably the most difficult sex position from our list, but it’s well worth the effort, and will have you and your partner warm and toasty once you get into the groove.

Have your man cross his legs whilst sitting down, and climb on top of him. Then, wrap your own legs around him and let him slide in.

A small tip – Snug sitting is a great position if you like to whisper erotic things to each other during intimacy!
Winter can be just as stimulating as summer, and even though the temperature is decreasing, it seems that peoples sex drives are increasing.Talking about sex drives, I suppose we could think of sex like a winter sport!

According to Mews Practise, having sex through the colder months actually has a lot of health benefits, one of them is boosting your immune system for the dreaded cold or flu. Apparently, men also have a higher sex drive in the winter, but being honest, I think their sex drive is high all year round!  We hope you get to try all the winter sex positions above, and wishing you a very merry sexmas!