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Throw An Ultimate Winter Wedding With These Glorious Tips

Winter Wedding
Winter Wedding

​Everybody dreams of a beautiful wedding. What a nightmare would it be if even the smallest aspect of a wedding goes wrong! Weddings are now a complicated affair with choreographed events that starts with exotic mini-break hen and stag banquets and ends with live entertainment, and a couple of speeches. You have to be very strategic about planning a wedding ceremony to ensure that the whole thing turns out right.
If there are one or more elements that aren’t working, then the whole affair will definitely be a failure. And people aren’t exactly fans of weddings that have glaring mistakes. No wonder when people hear their wedding bells tolling, they pay close attention to the finer points of planning a wedding to ensure a smooth event.
It puts needless pressure on couples and their families. To top things off, your choice of season is neither a spring affair nor a summer affair.It is quite easy to get bogged down in all the wedding planning. But remember to take a deep breath and keep in mind that at the end of the day, it’s just one big sleek party with the right execution.
Before you embark on your wedding journey, consider our tips for planning the ultimate winter wedding.
Picture Perfect Planning
Start planning early. The sooner you start planning, the easier, and less stressful it will be as your day approaches. Having a clear plan before you start will help you stay a step ahead of everything and make sure that you don’t forget anything important.
It is quite exciting to be planning for your wedding day.  But there is a lot to think about and it can be tricky to know where to start. Insurance, rough guest list numbers and the budget should always be on your priority list.
Don’t sideline your spouse. Make the planning process a quality bonding time with your spouse. But this doesn’t imply that you and your fiancé always agree on everything when it comes to the wedding. Make sure to always present a united front to your families in order to set healthy boundaries moving forward.
Talk Money
Before you start planning about anything else, make sure you know your exact budget. It is not a practical move to make big plans and then having to cancel them because you can’t afford it.
It’s no fun having to strike off pretty plans once the execution swings off. Initiating the planning process with a budget can save you a lot of heartache later.It is very significant to find out from both sets of parents if or how much they can contribute.
Don’t start spending until you’ve set a realistic budget that won’t stretch you too far. While setting a budget make sure that EVERYTHING counts. It is a common mistake to forget all the sweet nothings and those little extras. Remember that for the budget to work, you need to factor in every detail. Additional costs like dress alterations, gifts and beauty expenses should be all accounted for. Everything counts!
Pick A Theme
Wedding themes are usually undermined and are generally one of those things you would maybe scoff at, at first.  But they’re actually really important. A theme is the unseen string that ties everything together. It can actually help make some of the decisions easier for you; for instance the flower selection, the food, the invitations and the bridesmaids dresses.
Picking a wedding theme should be one of the first decisions you and your future spouse make as a unit. Although some brides pick their theme before the bells start tolling, not all of us are that *ahem* ambitious. Your wedding theme can basically be divided into two parts – a quote, phrase or inspiration, and a colour palette.
The logic behind hooking in a wedding theme is simple – less choice, less stress. As soon as you nail down an inspiration and decide on a colour you want to work with, you can toss everything else out the window. That will leave you with a more specific way of making decisions. It also makes it a lot easier to cast off ideas that don’t work.
It doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has to be white just because you’re having a winter wedding. You can incorporate a wide palette of colours in your winter wedding. There’s no reason to go all white unless you want to. A Scandinavian, all-white or snowy theme is just perfect for a winter wedding.

Guest Guide
Sorting your guest list is important so that you can focus on finding the perfect venue that will cater your chosen number of guests. Your biggest expense will most likely be the cost per head. So don’t be guilt ridden into inviting people who you don’t want to come. Fixing a guest list is the biggest and hardest decision in the whole planning process.
Narrow down your guest list and stick to close friends and family. Think very carefully about the number of guests you’re inviting. On your wedding day, you will feel all the more special when you look around and realise that you are surrounded by the most important people in your life.
If you want a lively party in the evening with music and dancing, it’s a good idea to have more than 100 guests. Any less than this and it can leave the atmosphere on the dance floor a little lacking. That is of course, after you have filtered the ones that have to leave early, the older ones that don’t want to or can’t join in and others that would rather just sit and chat.
String along the spirit of winter by using shimmering snowflakes on your invites.
Location, Location and Location
One of the major things to consider during your planning is your venue. Before you start visiting venues, consider the number of guests you want and what time of year you want to get married.
Finding a ceremony site can be simple — it can either be your own home or a destination wedding; just make sure that every guest whom you really want to join you and your groom can afford to travel and is able to make it.
For those who want to stick to their home town, you can rent a function hall for your ceremony and reception. You can even consider using your own home (or the home of a parent) for your ceremony, or perhaps a public park with a beautiful view.
If you decide to have an outdoor wedding, however, it would be best to have a back-up plan in case of bad weather.
Decoration Details
Wedding decors plays a crucial part in your wedding, and are an essential in creating a wedding scene. Your wedding decorations are going to be what sets the entire feel of this day.
Think in terms of a colour palette rather than just a couple of colours. By adding different shades of your main colour to your chief colour theme, you will add richness and depth to your overall look.
Light it up. The glow of candles or little lights can add instant charm to a sunset or an after sunset wedding or reception. Use lighting to add colour to the room, this can set various moods to the setting. Lanterns, chandeliers and twinkling tree lights are beautiful props. During dinner you can use beautiful, warm, amber wash in the room.
Drape the ceiling for a cosier feel. You can even incorporate wintry pine cone in your décor. Décors with delicate and frosty looks like snow outside with a touch of glitter makes for a perfect winter look.
Flowers and bouquets made with paper or silk flowers are better for winter weddings. The availability of original flowers will be very low or more pricy during this season.
Pick Your Prized Girls
Your bridesmaids must be your biggest support throughout the planning process. Choose them wisely. Decide and pick someone who can withstand all your bridezilla moments and who is willing to help plan, organise and share in your special day.
No bride can truly plan everything by herself. Every bride needs her bridesmaids to help dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s. Let them help you glide through your wedding journey.
Weddings are usually filled with very emotional and stressful moments. Your girls will help you get your priorities in order and help you stay organised with your wedding plans. They can also provide excellent resources.
Stay Warm In Style
Accessories are stylish way to keep you warm. A faux fur stole, a veil, a cape or a chic cardie are all good options.
Opt for a long sleeve wedding dress.
A velvet blazer is ideal for grooms and groomsmen. It’s an apt fabric which will keep the guys warm, plus is perfectly in trend.
Don’t forget your bridesmaids! Make sure to have bridesmaid cover ups ready on the day. Keep them warm with faux fur jackets or some pretty winter coats.
Picture Perfect
Your wedding will be one of most important days in your life as a couple. It will an occasion brimming with excitement and emotion. Photographs and videos are how you’ll relive the cherished memories of your day. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good photographer.
Do careful research and find someone who understands exactly what you want. Pre-wedding shoots are a great idea too. It will also give you an opportunity to know your photographer better as well as practise your poses. Look for someone who can capture the essential and expected events of the day, but who also has an eye for emotion and beauty.
Winter means early sunsets. If you’re hoping for ultra-romantic sunset photos, make sure to keep the winter timings in mind.

Set The Right Food
If the food is bad, your guests will talk. If the food is great? Well, they’ll talk as well but will definitely remember your wedding for a very long time.  
One of the biggest talking points at any wedding is the food. Avoid skimping in this area – hungry guests are never a good thing!
No one should go hungry at your wedding.
Make sure to offer a variety of dishes to accommodate a few extras than the number on your guest list.This should include a vegetarian option for anyone who doesn’t eat meat.  Don’t forget to ask your guests to let you know about allergies so you can talk to your caterer ahead of time to make necessary adjustments.
Simple winter snacks like frozen molasses and hot chocolate bar makes guests enjoy winter weddings. If you’re inviting children, make sure to have at least two kid-friendly options available. To add a touch of winter, you can adorn your wedding cake with some winter touches like pine cones, edible glow, snowflakes and even icicles that you can eat.

 The earlier you get started, the less “last-minute stress” you’ll have. Embrace the season and make sure to get your closest friends and family involved with the details. Quite often, they’ll have surprisingly good ideas that can save you money and effort. Try to incorporate as much of your personalities into your wedding day as you can because it is all about the two of you.
Planning a wedding can be quite stressful. If you find yourself getting too caught up in it all, just take a step back and remind yourself what your wedding is really about – you marrying the love of your life!