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A Winter Wedding: Festive Hair and Makeup Ideas

Winter Wedding Hair and Makeup Ideas
Winter Wedding Hair and Makeup Ideas

​Winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people stray away from the traditions of eagerly anticipating the weather forecasts from May- August in the hope that their Summer wedding is actually in the sun. There is no denying that Winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year making a winter wedding the perfect setting for a truly romantic and magical day.  Achieving the perfect bridal look isn’t always easy and can often be the one of the most stressful aspects of wedding planning (that and picking the perfect dress) particularly when having to decide your makeup and hairstyle that will tie in with your winter wonderland wedding. Below you will find inspiration to make your wedding planning that little bit easier!

Your hair and makeup are crucial when it comes to your wedding as this is what you will see when you look back at pictures in years to come, so it is important that you get this right to avoid the cringe! When it comes to your hair and makeup it is important to find the perfect balance between your style and taste that encompasses your overall winter wedding colour theme and stylish décor. You must ensure that your hair and makeup complement each other as opposed to fighting for attention.  

The Classic Bun

The bun is one of the most popular of bridal hairstyles and there are many different variations you can choose from. One that is particularly popular is the high bun. This can be achieved by first, straightening your hair for ultimate sleekness. Add gel to the roots as this will prevent flyaways and hold it in place. After all, the last thing you want in your wedding pictures is a lopsided bun and frizzy bits. Next, smooth your hair into a high pony using a comb and tie using a thin bobble that is the same colour as your hair. Twist the pony into a bun shape and pin securely with bobby pins. Finish with some extra-strong hold hairspray. For a true festive feel, embellish your bun by surrounding it with assorted sized crystals to create a snow-queen headpiece. You can even dust your bun with some silver glitter.

As this is a bold hair style, wear with a soft makeup look to compliment the crystals. You can achieve a soft makeup look by using a neutral transition eyeshadow shade and lightly blending it into the crease. Next take a chocolate brown and lightly pat onto the outer corner of the lid. Taking the same transition colour, blend the chocolate brown into the crease to create a seamless smokey eye. Apply a brown eyeliner to the waterline as this is softer than a black eyeshadow. The brown will also make the colour of your eyes pop. To create a smokey waterline, use the same eyeshadow and smudge it underneath your brown liner. Apply a black mascara to complete this soft eye look. Avoid using blusher when doing your face as this may clash with your bold hair. Instead, use a bronzer to contour the cheeks and a soft, champagne highlighter on the cheek bones. Line your lips using a nude liner and apply a nude, light pink or clear gloss.


.Whether your hair is short or long, you can’t go wrong with curls and there are so many variations or curly styles that you are sure to achieve something that suits you.
If you have long hair, then loose curls are a perfect way of accentuating by giving you that true princess look.  Pin curl your hair and let the curls hang loosely down your back. To embellish the style, part your hair to the side and clip some back using bobby pins. To transform into a hairstyle fit for a snow princess, use a silver crystal beaded hair clip. Another great way to achieve an effortless look is by taking two curly strands of hair from either side at the front and clip them at the back so they meet in the middle. Again, decorate with a pearl beaded clip to give the illusion of sparkling snow ad luxurious glamour..

As discussed earlier, your makeup should complement your hair as opposed to clash with it. As loose curls give you a hairstyle that is soft and elegant, your makeup can be bolder and more dramatic. You may want to go for an eye that goes with the colour scheme of you bridesmaids or wedding décor. Warm tones of berry red and burgundy are perfect for adding that extra wintry romance and can be achieved in your makeup look with a bold lip. Remember, if you have a bold lip, your eye makeup should remain neutral and soft. If a dramatic eye isn’t for you then a dark lip is the perfect alternative and the best way to make a seasonal statement. Berry red lips are a popular choice when it comes to festive makeup however why not try a deep plum for a beautiful fall look that will ensure you stand out on your big day. A dark lip also looks beautiful with your white gown as the two really complement each other.   


Braids are a super pretty look as well as being practical as they stay in place and keep the hair out of your face. There are many ways you can braid your hair, one being the side braid. Begin by curling your hair as this gives the braid more texture and volume. Next, gather your hair to one side and start braiding making sure you down miss any strands of hair. Secure the braid with an invisible elastic band. To keep with the winter theme, add a white flower or pearls to the back of your braid.

You can go bold with your makeup as your embellish piece is at the back of your head. Create the ultimate festive eye by incorporating some face glitter into your makeup look. Create a smokey eye using a blend of black and brown shadows, or some red/plum shades for an extra festive feel. Next apply a touch of glitter to the inner corner to add a pop of winter sparkle. This will also elongate the eye shape and contour the middle of your face. If this is too subtle and a glitter ball is more your style, then create a cut crease using a thick concealer and apply some loose glitter onto the lid using a flat brush. For a super wintery look, use a mixture of silver and white glitter to create the illusion of snow that glimmers in the sun. To make sure your glitter lasts all day, apply glitter glue prior to your glitter application.