7 Secrets to Easy Winter Wedding Planning - Guest Post

7 Secrets to Easy Winter Wedding Planning

Winter Wedding Planning
Winter Wedding Planning

Guest Post By: Priyanshu Garg is a Founder of P5Creations – A Wedding Management Company in Jaipur. He is  Listed Top Wedding planner in Jaipur India. P5 Creations, Jaipur based Wedding Planners, Event Management company, Organizers & Theme Decorators Company. Offer all kind of Wedding Services.
Am I the only one who love winter weddings? Lovely weather, no worries to ruin your make up by sweating and absolutely no requirements to look for venues which are air conditioner equipped and free of any mosquitoes or flies sitting as your food decorations. In fact, you can even have an event in your garden and it would be easy to organize than in summers.
And if you have the same thoughts and prefer winters to be the time to host your wedding rather than springs or summers then let me disclose some pretty secrets to your that would help you plan a perfect winter wedding.

1.Venue Consideration
Well, just because you are having winter wedding, it does not mean that you have to go with the while theme only. In fact, you can experiment as much with different colors and themes as you would like. And if you are holding your wedding around Diwali or Christmas then you could get lucky to be landing in the venues which would already be decorated. Thus, you save a bit there.

2.People Might Take Time to Reach
Remember! Winters means that it is a holiday season, adding to it is the factor that the weather is mostly foggy to drive. Thus, your guests (and you too) might won’t be able to reach the venue on time as there is generally heavy traffic in those months. So, make sure that you always consider the buffer time for everybody while planning your wedding ritual timings.

3.Your Guests Would Want to Be Warm
Indoors or outdoors – it is going to be really cold for your guests and given the fact that they will probably be in party clothes, they are certain to not be fully packed with jackets and pullovers. So make sure that you have proper arrangements to ensure that they are warm when they reach the venue. Serve them with hot beverages as they enter or arrange for heaters, if it’s indoor. P.S. – You get the brownie points if you have shawls or blankets for them (it looks fashionable).

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4.Remember the Lights
If you are planning an outdoor wedding, then keep it in mind that winters also mean to have early sunsets. So, make sure that you have proper lightening system at the venue. And if you want it to be really romantic then you can go for candles and lamps decoration. That would make the venue look amazing while not costing much on your budget also.

5.Choose Your Ensemble Carefully
You are going to be the center of attraction and I am sure you wouldn’t want to be looking pale with the cold. So while you are planning your wedding in winters, make sure that you find yourself a dress in full sleeves or get yourself a stylish faux fur wrap that would complement your dress. In fact, you can wear a layer of lined tights too as you would be wearing a long skirt to save yourself from feeling cold. For men, you can wear tights too and since you have the option, ensure that the fabric of your suit or sherwani is winter resistant.

6.Boots Will Be a Good Idea
No, I am not asking you to go for rubber boots or anything that you wear in rains. There are many trendy options available in market in the range of boots. Go explore them and choose a pair for yourself that would go well with your dress and also keep your feet warm.

7.Don’t Miss Your Beauty Prep.
Dry skin and chapped lips are quite common in winters. If you are also prone to having your skin dried up easily then make sure that you use a good quality moisturizer on your big day. In fact, make your skin feel better by nourishing it with moisturizer from days before your wedding. Also, keep a chapstick handy in your clutch all the time.

Ask your wedding planner and she would make sure that you miss nothing and have everything arranged to the T for your winter wedding.