Women's Day - 11 Gift Ideas for Mother, Wife or Sister -

Women’s Day – 11 Gift Ideas for Mother, Wife or Sister

Gift Ideas for mother
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Do you find it difficult when it comes to searching for the best gift to give to your special someone on a special occasion? If yes, then you are at the right stop!

But before we get into the depth, you must get rid of the dross idea that an expensive gift is the best gift to give.

It doesn’t matter what size your gift is until and unless it is given with a pure heart with an intention of genuine love and affection.

Take help from this guide to help you find the perfect gift so that you can go store-to-store and get your plan done.

11 Best Women’s Day Gift Ideas For You

Keeping this in mind, we have curated a list of 10 basic but heartwarming gifts/ideas you can give to your women on this Women’s Day.

1)      A Beautiful Dress

A beautiful dress is a perfect gift for your mother, wife, or sister for this year’s women’s day celebration. Dresses are lovely, especially the ones which they have always desired to have.

Take out some time to find out that one perfect dress to show how much you love and care about them.

2)      A Customized Necklace

Be it a festival or occasions like women’s day, some personalized gifts stand out from the rest and create a special place in the hearts of your loved ones.

A delicate and sober pendant necklace is a beautiful gift that you can give to your mother , wife or even your sister this women’s day. You can even personalize the necklace by engraving a special date or some initials on it.

TIP: Go for gold or a gold coating pendant as this metal does not cause skin irritation.

3)      Flowers & Handmade Card

No matter how cliche or old-fashioned these two gift options are, they always stand out to make great women’s day gift ideas. Fascinate your loved ones by giving them beautiful flowers but avoid cheap flowers as they wither after some time.

4)      Beauty Hampers

Another gift idea in this list is a Beauty Hamper!

Women love to take care of their skin and hair, so what could be better than a gift that comprises these essentials.

  • ETERNAL LOVE SEICHAN ( by Earthy Selections ) is a beauty hamper that you can easily give to show care and affection toward your women. 

This hamper is surely made for someone special as it carries all-natural and organic ingredients. It includes vitamin c 20% serum, organic handmade citrus soap hibiscus glow-boosting mask, and many more other beauty products.

  • Just like the above-mentioned beauty hamper, CHARMING TREASURE hamper of self-care has all the beauty constituents from face to body. This exquisitely packed and decorated Hamper is loaded with the following products:
  • Lily of Valley Body butter
  • Orange Energising Mist
  • Detan Facial Mask
  • Strawberry lip balm
  • Fortifying Hair Oil
  • Coffee & Honey Body Scrub

All these products are organic, 100% natural, and specially handcrafted with lots of love. To add a personal touch, you can add a personalized note to win your woman’s heart and woo her.

5)      Handbag

A Handbag is an essential for many women out there, as it usually has their substantial ‘survival kit’ for the day. In the past few years, handbags are emerging with new styles and designs in this fashion world.

Always look for elegant, fabric handbags so that your woman looks good and classy wherever she goes.

6)      Homemade Delicious Items

On this Women’s Day, surprise your mom by cooking different food items and express your love toward your mom, sister, or aunt. In this era of the internet, nothing is impossible.

Take help from YouTube to check out recipes and make a portion of delicious food on this extra special day.

7)      Chocolate Hamper 

Chocolate is gifted on all occasions and to everyone no matter what age and gender they are. What surely matters is your chocolate’s quality, so give your sister good quality chocolates and bring a big smile on her face.

You can even buy customized chocolates or opt for chocolate hampers, as they are a delightful way to surprise and entertain your loved ones.

8)      Beauty Products like ‘Serum’

The serum gives a high moisture content and retains for a longer period to reduce fine line and wrinkles by providing hydration to the skin. You can check the beauty products at Earthy Selections website.

One of my favourites is Sage Apothecary Hyaluronic Acid and Belgium Lavender Day Serum. This product is 100% Natural, Handmade, Fully based on ayurvedic content, and is Purely Vegan.  

9)      Gift for Your Granny

Your grandparents are the most special people in your life because they raised your parents. Grab this opportunity to honour your granny on this Women’s Day by gifting her your time.

Yes, you read it right! Just spend some time with your granny and believe me this will be the most beautiful gift you can give to her ever. Reminisce your childhood memories with her.

Also, it would be great if you consider buying a new couch or dining set.  

10)  Books

Everyone loves getting new books. Why not pull out some gorgeous wrap ideas which you can use in gifting books? To help you out with them, here are some of the easy-to-do wrap ideas are:

  1. Use the opening paragraph
  2. Decorate with a rose made from recycled book pages you can even use pencil waste
  3. Add a pretty wintry scene
  4. Use recycled newspaper or wedding cards

11) Restaurant Rearrangements

How about organizing a dinner date with your wife or mother at your favourite restaurant/cafe? This gesture of providing a grand restaurant rearrangements will reflect your feelings towards them.

We at Earthy Selections also have expertise in planning an impeccable gastronomical affair. All you have to trust our bespoke arrangements!


Giving gifts to women on this particular occasion shows your love to them, and it is believed that it helps establish and define relationships. You can explore some other unique gift ideas as per your choice. In short, don’t miss out on this chance to make this Women’s Day a memorable one.