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Top Women’s Fashion Hubs Worldwide

Women’s Fashion Hubs
Women’s Fashion Hubs

​​Women’s fashion has grown and flourished tremendously over the last hundred plus years. Thousands of people travel to different parts of the world for an incredible experience filled with artsy and edgy showcases of apparel known as Fashion Week. Cities like Paris, New York City, and Milan are only a few examples of staples in the fashion community among many others. However, fashion in itself is subjective, and there are many cities that would be able to go head to head with the top dogs of the fashion world. Whether you look to the United States or any other country throughout the globe, you will surely find some inspiration for your OOTD, or, outfit of the day. Let’s slip into our favorite cocktail dress and dive into the top women’s fashion hubs worldwide.

ParisSpeaking of fashion week, Paris holds arguably the most renowned fashion event there is – the Paris Fashion Week, of course. If you ever get a chance to go, you will get to witness the latest garment collaborations by the top designers out there. Paris offers a fresh breath of air with their classic chic styles, glamorous dresses, and beautifully strange pieces of clothing that you could ever think of. It’s really a sight to see. Paris itself is also known for the incredible shopping experience. Many celebrities often fly out to Paris for a quick shopping spree, too.
LondonAnother city known for their display of designer shops is London, England. It’s hard to walk into a city like this and not find something you like. With styles ranging from classic British apparel to styles that are intensely outgoing and bright, London never fails to impress. London has also made an imprint on America with their Rimmel brand lipstick which is not only advertised in England but all of the United States as well. Perhaps London is trying to tell us that the only thing missing from our gorgeous designer outfit is a bright red lip to go with it. But of course!
TokyoWhen talking about fashion, it is nearly impossible not to mention Tokyo. If you’re looking for outrageous, edgy, rule-breaker fashion, then look no further. The streets of Tokyo, Japan are considered one of the top fashion hubs in the world, and it is hard to disagree. Some of the most brilliant minds in fashion live here and continue to blow the world away with their designs. If you’re thinking of attending a fashion week in Japan, brace yourself to be shocked, intrigued, and most of all delighted.
SeoulFor those of you who are total hipsters at heart, you might want to check out the different styles that Seoul, South Korea provides. Unlike Tokyo, Paris, and other fashion hubs of the world that offer really high-class and Vogue-like fashion, Seoul tends to focus more on wearable clothing. Although seeing high end fashion on the runway can be an amazing experience, you might not want to wear everything you see there on the street. This is why Seoul is special. This city gives off refreshing, modern, and simple yet complicated street style vibes. To awaken the hipster side in you, check out some of the characteristics and trends that this city’s style has and you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised. With the blend of simple fabrics, neutral colors, and a fresh spin on normal, everyday wear, Seoul will keep you coming back for more inspiration on your next outfit.
DelhiWatch out everyone, because this city is one of the most up and coming fashion hubs at the moment. When thinking of India, so many bright and vivid colors come to mind. But what sets Delhi fashion apart from the rest of this list is the fusion of local artistry among many other things. The streets of India are always brimming with artisans and their incredible street style talent, and Delhi recognizes that. Another thing that makes this city special is not only the fashion, but the historic and modern architecture as well as the distinguished designers. Even if you’re visiting India for fashion, there are plenty of artistic things that you will come across no matter where you go.

No matter where you find yourself in the world, you are bound to find fashion that will inspire you. However, this list of cities is undoubtedly the most iconic and up coming fashion hubs for women throughout the world. If you visit London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul or even Delhi, you will not be disappointed. If you’re used to wearing the same type of clothing every day, I challenge you to pick one of these cities and step out of your comfort zone with some cultural inspiration. After all, that’s what fashion is all about. We are all unique and different, and the way we express ourselves say loads about what we are all about. May your OOTD (outfit of the day) be vibrant, outgoing, and most importantly, you.

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