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Blogging is a very lucrative field to work upon and people who love to write on different topics and like to share with similar websites, then we are open for you! YES! Our site appreciates all of the people who look for opportunities on writing on different topics like Fashion, Wedding and Celebrities news and the trends going on. We always like people who express their knowledge and are open for them at any hour of the day and who knows that if you have just been into writing, then our platform can easily give you a stage to express with your first gig!

All the people who are interested in writing for us just like a guest post or blog can read the details mentioned below. To be clear, we will appreciate people who will write a guest post on women’s fashion or will write for us wedding or even fashion. People who have keen knowledge and have a style to express themselves suits our need.

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Why Write for Us?

We are a website which is finding people with interest in topics like fashion, wedding, and knowledge through blog posts and article. Sharing your views and ideas to other people and making them aware of different new and upcoming trends with ideas is the best way to help out each other. Moreover, our platform may be the ideal one for you as we are always open to the people who want to express. Whether you feel like writing a single article or many of them, we are still open to you. We publish the material under the writer’s name that can always be included in your portfolio and later is presented to other people whom you feel like impressing.

Who Visit our Portal?

Thousands of people access our website daily and like to catch up with us. People always admire to find out new, and the latest trends going around the world and keep up with them in their daily life. Hence, we would like your blogs to be updated with the current ongoing trends and styles which will put a positive impact on our users and readers. Spread the love with knowledge, that’s our motto! People generally expect of topics like the ones mentioned below.

  • Bridal problems and solutions
  • Advice on different issues which are commonly faced in a wedding
  • Latest Fashions styles and upcoming trends
  • The newest celebrity’s style and statements
  • Different unique ideas or DIY projects

These are a few suggestions which are always in demand by our users. One is free to generate new ideas for articles or blogs but should be in the topic of Fashion, Wedding or Celebrities.

Advantages & Plus Points on Writing for Us!

Although we are very selective of publishing the guest posts and articles on our website as we focus on quality over quantity, this doesn’t mean that we ignore people, if you possess enough skills and that quality in your content, then this might be the perfect destination to express your skills and help us out on the same time. We have an active audience who always like to read every new article or blog which gets published on our portal and hence this will provide you to emerge you as the new star of our portal.

With us, if you provide with a qualitative article, we always will wait for your new ones to pop-up in our email. There are several advantages of working with us, and people can read them and make their articles appear on our portal.

  • Get the article published on our portal but under your name
  • Build a fanbase such that it makes us contact you to write for us more!
  • Enhance your reach with respect of other people

This will also make other people reach out for you and who knows that someone may have some fantastic opportunity for you which provides you with a breakthrough with fame all around! Now, what are you waiting for? Get all the information with the guidelines posts mentioned below and make your article appear on our website.

Guidelines for the Guest Posts

Keep in mind, Simple and Qualitative is the key to make your article appear on our website and influence users. Do not make the article unnecessarily lengthy to meet the word limits; make it simple with information. Even the audience gets bored while reading to the article which has information of no use. Hence, keep it informative even though it might appear short. Read the points mentioned below to get a perfect blog to appear in our emails which eventually forces up to publish on our portal.

  • The article or the blog must be unique without any plagiarism or copying someone’s else articles. Trust yourself and your knowledge!
  • Make sure that the material or the blog you are sending us has not been published somewhere else.
  • The minimum word limit should be at least 500 words, do not make it longer just to impress us; it should be informative to impress the audience.
  • Please send us your image and a bit of description about yourself with the article such that people will be able to find you for more!
  • Please send us your follow up links of social media like LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook. We will be proud enough to help you if you have your site as well. After all, what’s better than growing together!

That’s it! The guidelines end here and now why don’t you start writing to impress our audience?

How to reach Us?

We are always open to you in our emails! Once done with your article, mail it to aliyashaikh903@gmail.com, and we are still waiting for your articles to make a place in our portal. Give us some time to analyze the article, and later, if you qualify, we will still connect back to you! From fashion, lifestyle to the latest gossips, we are waiting to hear everything from you! Always believe in yourself and pave your way towards success with us.

We invite guest posts on the following topics-

  • Dating
  • Divorce & Separation
  • Emotional Intimacy
  • Family
  • Love
  • Pre-Marriage
  • venue & catering
  • tips in wedding planning
  • gowns trend
  • bridal hair and make up
  • technology for weddings (e.g. wedding ceremony broadcast, photo upload apps)
  • Marriage
  • Marriage Communication
  • Marriage and Finance
  • Marriage Fitness
  • Marriage Preparation
  • Relationship
  • Romance
  • destinations for wedding, pre-wedding shoots and honeymoon
  • cultural weddings
  • choosing engagement / wedding rings
  • Marriage Readiness
  • Marriage Vows
  • Mental Health
  • Parenting
  • Pregnancy
  • Sex & Intimacy
  • Wedding
  • florist
  • cake
  • emotional support
  • celebrities’ weddings
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  2. write for us + Wedding Planning blog
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