An Indian Bride’s Rudiments for Her Wedding Day - Guest Post

An Indian Bride’s Rudiments for Her Wedding Day

Indian Bride’s
Indian Bride’s

Guest post By: Ruchika Dhiman is a content strategist at Panache Haute Couture. She has flair of writing engaging and innovative articles about Indian apparels and accessories. Her keen interest in presenting the ideas in a simple and innovative way is useful and appealing to the readers.
“Invitations… Check!
Venue… Check!
Photographer… Check!
Cinematography… Check!
Fiancé… Quite obvious, Check!
Wedding dress… Check!
Accessories for the big day… Oh no… Not yet!”
Well, after haven taken care of the most crucial wedding decisions – selecting your accessories for the wedding day should be the next thing on your checklist.

As we know, the big fat Indian wedding is filled with loads of glitter and bling. You may have picked the stunning wedding attire and is finally ready to get that perfect bridal look, but do you think you can accomplish this without the exquisite touch of complementary Indian wedding accessories? Well, actually you cannot afford to skip this from your list.
Though Indian women are beautiful and gorgeous, but what if the right mix of accessories can enhance your look even more. The aura and charisma of the soon-to-be-Mrs. is completed with stunning accessories. Be it the necklace, the earrings, the mangteeka, the bangles, the shoes, the purse or any other adornment, every accessory of the bride has to be impeccable. These embellishments help her show the best of her feminine magnificence on the big day of her life.
So if you are a bride-to-be and want an elegant Indian bridal look, then don’t miss this article.
1. The Jewelry
It is the most revealed accessory on you. Your mother, his mother, the relatives, the photographer and everyone at your wedding ceremony will be out to look at what rests on you, so coordinate your buy with your outfit. If your ensemble is heavy, stay light and simple on your jewelry.

2. The Shoes
One of the most ignored accessories! What you must remember while buying these is your COMFORT!
Of course, for most of the rituals, you would have to stay barefoot. However, during your reception, you would certainly need a pair of footwear that is comfortable.
Furthermore, the choice of the length of the heels will depend on the height of the groom. Opt for wedges or flats rather than pencil heels since you will be wearing these for the whole time and these will support you for quite a long on your best day, so opt for comfort over style! Wear them around the house for an hour daily a week. Make a smart choice by buying the appropriate footwear that complements your outfit well.

3. The Bag
Go for a cluth or small potli that are gorgeous and complement your attire. Nowadays, the designers or online stores from where the wedding dress is purchased offer a matching handbag as well. It is not just an add-on to your outfit, but also a practical solution to carry your essentials such as: cell-phone, compact, kajal, lipstick and tissues.

4. The Hair Ornaments
Going overboard with hair accessories is the most common mistake that most brides commit. Choose the right accessories that can go well with your hairdo. There are again many styles and choices available. Pick one by taking advice from your hair stylists. Opt for sophisticated colors that are not too glitzy and loud when it comes to hair decorations.

5. The Nail Polish
Pick a dark color because Indian ceremonies such as haldi and mehendi can stain your finger nails. French manicure is out of the choice for you, so go for red, maroon or gold.

6. The Smile
Last but not the least is your beautiful smile. You cannot purchase a smile from anywhere. Beam with a natural and confident smile throughout your day. It is the most essential natural accessory for all brides. Nothing will make you gorgeous than a grin on your rosy cheeks.

Ladies, now as you have all the information on the essentials that every bride should have, plan them out carefully and incorporate them to your get-up for an entirely ravishing bridal look!